Getting started

By default, Filament will register navigation items for each of your resources and custom pages. These classes contain static properties that you can override, to configure that navigation item and its order:

protected static ?string $navigationIcon = 'heroicon-o-document-text';
protected static ?string $navigationLabel = 'Custom Navigation Label';
protected static ?int $navigationSort = 3;

The $navigationIcon supports the name of any Blade component, and passes a set of formatting classes to it. By default, the Blade Heroicons package is installed, so you may use the name of any Heroicon out of the box. However, you may create your own custom icon components or install an alternative library if you wish.

Grouping navigation items

You may group navigation items by specifying a $navigationGroup property on a resource and custom page:

protected static ?string $navigationGroup = 'Settings';

All items in the same navigation group will be displayed together under the same group label, "Settings" in this case. Ungrouped items will remain at the top of the sidebar.

Ordering navigation groups

If you wish to enforce a specific order for your navigation groups, you may call Filament::registerNavigationGroups() from the boot() method of any service provider.

use Filament\Facades\Filament;
use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
public function boot(): void

Registering custom navigation items

Alternatively, you may completely override the static registerNavigationItems() method on the class and register as many custom navigation items as you require:

use Filament\Navigation\NavigationItem;
public static function registerNavigationItems(): void

Disabling resource or page navigation items

To prevent resources or pages from showing up in navigation, you may use:

protected static bool $shouldRegisterNavigation = false;

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